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TCS1533 WOW101 Diesel EMD-KA
Includes EMD 567 roots blown, 567 turbo, 645 turbo, and 710 turbo prime mover sounds.

Keep-Alive attached for uninterru...
TCS1543 P2K-MB1
TCS1544 B-MB1
TCS1545 B-MB2
TCS1546 B-MB3
TCS1553 WOW Speaker 35 x 16mm Oval
TCS1554 WOW Speaker .8W 20mm(.079) Rnd
TCS1555 WOW Speaker 1W 28mm (1.1")
TCS1556 K6D4 Decoder for Kato UP 4-8-4
TCS1582 W3 Stainless wipers
TCS1605 WOW501 Diesel
TCS1617 IB-MB1 IMR Motherboard Repl
Created to fit the Intermountain ES44 as well as the Bowser S12
TCS1618 IB-MB2 IMR Motherboard Repl
Created to fit the Intermountain SD40-2 as well as the Bowser C-636
TCS1667 KA4-C Keep Alive
TCS1668 KA4 Keep Alive
TCS1700 WOWSpeaker Kit GEN-SH1
TCS1701 WOWSpeaker Kit IB-SH1
TCS1702 WOWSpeaker Kit INT-SH1
TCS1703 WOWSpeaker Kit INT-SH2
TCS1704 WOWSpeaker Kit UNIV-SH1
TCS1707 WOWSpeaker Kit UNIV-SH2-O
TCS1709 WOWSpeaker Kit UNIV-SH3-O
TCS1775 WDK ATL1 DCC Snd Conversion
Includes Wow121/MB1/Speaker
Compatible w Atlas Loco
TCS2001 KA3-C Keep Alive
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