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TCS1298 EUN651 Euro 6pin N Decoder
TCS1328 IMF4 IMR N Decoder F3A/F7A/FTA
This full featured 4 function BEMF decoder is for the N-Scale Intermountain F3A/B, F7A/B and F9B locomotives
TCS1329 IMFP4 N Decoder F3B/F7B/FTB
This full featured 4 function BEMF decoder is designed for the N-Scale Intermountain FP7A and FP9A locomotives
TCS1333 K0D8-B 8 Func Decoder Kato F3
TCS1335 DP5 5 Light
TCS1338 K0D8-C 8 Func Decoder Kato PH
TCS1339 K0D8-D 8 Func Decoder Kato Bs
TCS1343 LL8 Life LIke Proto 2000
TCS1414 K4D6 N Kato MP36PH Decoder
SKU: 1414 The K4D6 is a Six Function Drop-In Decoder for the N-Scale Kato MP36ph Metra.
TCS1415 K4-LK Kato MP36 Lighting Kit
The K4-LK is a lighting kit for the K4D6 and is used to control the strobe and rear light of the Kato N-Scale MP36ph Met...
TCS1446 A4X-KA HO Decoder
4 function, drop-in decoder for Atlas/Kato drop in boards
TCS1454 KA1 Keep Alive
TCS1455 KA1-C Keep Alive
TCS1456 KA2 Keep Alive
TCS1481 K0D8-E N Kato E5 Decoder
8 Functions, 80mA, 1.0/2.0 Amp Continous/Peak
TCS1482 T4-LED 4-Func Decoder
TCS1484 T1-LED 2-Func Decoder
TCS1485 KAM4 Dcdr w/KA Wired
TCS1489 K5D7 N Kato F40PH Decoder
7 Functions, 80mA, 1.0/2.0 Amp Continous/Peak
TCS1543 P2K-MB1
TCS1544 B-MB1
TCS1545 B-MB2
TCS1546 B-MB3
TCS1549 MT1500 for MTL SW1500
Decoder to fit Micro Trains N Scale SW1500
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