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About Us

Des Plaines Hobbies is a old fashioned hobbyshop with an emphasis on Model Railroading.  It was started 39 years ago when you could purchase a tube of glue and sticks of balsa wood.  That is still true today, although we have added a few items. About 28 years ago we ventured into some light manufacturing and are also home to Centralia Car Shops, S Scale America, and O Scale America lines of kits, decals and parts.  Also along the way we have purchased a few small lines that we still offer such as Microscale's S Scale decal line and Mullet River Model Works HO and S lines.
We brashly advertised ourselves as "Probably the Best Little Hobbyshop in Chicagoland" in early advertising and feel it is true today.  Please give us a try and see for yourself.
We are happy to ship globally as well as across the street.