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SHS01661 S Smoke Unit Funnels 3pc
SSA125 S GP9/18 Low Nose Conversion
SSA160 SEMD GP7 PH I Long Hood AM GP9
Used to convert American Models GP9 to a Phase 1 GP7
SSA161 EMD GP7 PH 2 Long Hood /AM GP9
Used to convert American Models GP9 to a Phase 2 GP7
SSA163 S EMD GP20 Long Hood
Includes sides, roof, and end to convert AM GP9 to a GP20. Can be used with SSA125 to make a low nose or SSA164 for a h...
SSA164 S EMD GP7/9/18/20 Short Hood
Used with SSA160 and SSA161 GP7 long hood kits or to make a chop nosed Geep.
Also used with SSA160 to make a high hood G...
SSA170 EMD Cab Doors w/Handle (pr)
SSA171 S EMD 35 Line Numberboard
SSA173 S Cab Vents/Asst Radio Antenna
1/64 Asst Cab Vents
Asst Radio Antenna
SSA175 S Pyle Ditch Lights/Stands
1/64 Pyle ditch lights with standard and hi-level stands
SSA206 S Alco RS Turbo Stack
Alco RS Air Cooled Turbo Stack
SSA213 S Mars Signal Light (2)
Square Style Mars Signal Light
SSA215 S Pyle Gyralight (2)
Pyle Gyralight with case
SSA216 S Pyle Twin Gyralight (2)
Pyle Twin Gyralight
SSA217 S Pyle Twin Gyralight (2)
Pyle Twin Gyralight Flush Mount
SSA218 S Mars Twin Signal Light (2)
Mars Twin Signal Light Nose Mount
SSA220 S Western Strobe Flasher
Western Cullen Hayes Strobe Flasher
Styrene with amber lens
SSA221 S Stratolite Strobe Flasher
Styren with amber lens
SSA222 S Xenon Strobe Type Flasher
Styrene with amber lens
SSA298 S H39 Hopper Grab Set
SSA395 S H39 Diecast Weights
SSA398 S MU Hoses (16)
Plastic MU Hoses 16 per pack
SSA399 S Air Hoses 10 Pair
SSA404 S FMC 5347 End Ladders
End Ladders for FMC 5347 Boxcar
2 Sets
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