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ESU54499 21 Pin Generic Sound Decoder
LokSound V4.0
THU825230 DSX Diesel GE w/Leslie S5 Horn
THU883002 ECO-200 Econami Snd for Elec
THU883004 ECO-PNP Econami Snd for Elec
THU882004 ECOPNP Econami Snd for Diesel
Baldwin and Others
THU881004 ECOPNP Econami Snd for Steam
ESU73428 EMD 16-710GB MP40PH-3C
ESU73836 EMD 567 16 Cyl Non Turbo Micro
ESU73811 lco 539 6 Cyl Switch Sound
Lok Sound Micro Decoder
DIGSDN144A0 N Atlas GP38 Snd Decoder
DIGSDN144K0A N Kato P42/E8/PA Snd Decoder
223-6014 N Sound Decoder 2HL Zephyr
223-6018 N Sound Decoder Hiawatha
DIGSDN136PS N/HO 8-Bit Snd Decoder Stm/Dsl
w/8 Ohm 10mm x 18mm Speaker
THU826005 TSU 750 SP Cab Forward
THU885015 TSU PNP 2amp TSU2 Alco Diesel
THU885016 TSU PNP 2amp TSU2 Baldwin
for Baldwin & other Diesels
THU885013 TSU PNP 2amp TSU2 EMD Diesel
THU885014 TSU PNP 2amp TSU2 GE Diesel
THU827124 TSU-1000 Dual GE FDL-16
THU827116 TSU-1000 for GE Gevo-12
TSU-21PNEM digital sound decoder for ALCO Models
THU885011 TSU-21PNEN for ALCO
TSU-21PNEM digital sound decoder for ALCO Models
THU885009 TSU-21PNEN for EMD
TSU-21PNEM digital sound decoder for EMD Models
THU885010 TSU-21PNEN for GE
TSU-21PNEM digital sound decoder for GE Models
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