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HLR7 KIT Allied Tool
Heartland Railway
HLR9 KIT Control Tower
Heartland Railway
LJM1001L MP 1906 Standard Depot
Lake Junction Models
LJM1002L WP Desert Depot #2
Lake Junction Models
LJM1015 C&NW Small Interlocking Tower
Lake Junction Models
MDP184VA KIT Burger & Shake Stand
MDP185VA KIT Electrical Signal Building
MDP187VA KIT Farm Building
MDP188VA KIT 4 Porter Potties
MDP417VA KIT Natural Gas Supply Co
MDP613VA KIT Church
MIN872001 KIT Morrison's Market
MIN872002 KIT Lake Front Cottage
MIN872003 KIT Machine Shop
MIN872004 KIT Patriot Hardware
MIN872005 KIT Pullman Hobbies
MIN872007 KIT Andersen's Garage
MIN872009 KIT Ray's Package Store
MIN872010 KIT McCormick Supply Co
MIN872011 KIT Section House
MOE2935 HO B/U Mel's Drive-In
MOE935 HO Mel's Drive-In
MOM83005 KIT Consolidated Auto Parts Co
MOM87502 KIT Twin Culverts w/Wing Walls
MRM201002 HO NYC Crossing Watchmans Shed
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