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ROC05051 Opel Blitz W/ Uni Body
ROC05055 Henschel 33D1/G1 Truck
ROC05056 Wirbelwind Anti Aircraft
ROC05064 M557 A1 Command Vehicle
ROC05077 M9 Ace
ROC05078 M578 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
ROC05083 Hotchkiss Light Observer
ROC05084 Tents & Cargo
ROC05089 Recon Tank M114 A1
Roco Recon Tank M114 A1
ROC05090 10 Man Tent
Roco - 10 Man Tent
ROC05137 M564 Gamma Goat US Army
Roco M564 Gamma Goat US Army
ROC05157 20 Man Tent
Roco 20 Man Tent
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