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ROC05036 M551 Sheridan US
ROC05051 Opel Blitz W/ Uni Body
ROC05055 Henschel 33D1/G1 Truck
ROC05056 Wirbelwind Anti Aircraft
ROC05064 M557 A1 Command Vehicle
ROC05071 Portable Fuel Tank & Pump
ROC05077 M9 Ace
ROC05078 M578 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
ROC05083 Hotchkiss Light Observer
ROC05084 Tents & Cargo
ROC05089 Recon Tank M114 A1
Roco Recon Tank M114 A1
ROC05090 10 Man Tent
Roco - 10 Man Tent
ROC05114 Artillery Ammunition Set
Roco Artillery Ammunition Set
ROC05137 M564 Gamma Goat US Army
Roco M564 Gamma Goat US Army
ROC05144 M1038 Hummer Signal Shelter
Roco M1038 Hummer Signal Shelter
ROC05157 20 Man Tent
Roco 20 Man Tent
ROC05175 Sikorsky CH53 Helicopter
Roco - Sikorsky CH53 Helicopter
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