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ROC05123 M35 A2
Roco M35 A2
ROC05127 M109 A3 Shop Van
Roco M109 A3 Shop Van
ROC05137 M564 Gamma Goat US Army
Roco M564 Gamma Goat US Army
ROC05144 M1038 Hummer Signal Shelter
Roco M1038 Hummer Signal Shelter
ROC05157 20 Man Tent
Roco 20 Man Tent
ROC05163 M106 A1 & M149 Water Tank
Roco M106 A1 & M149 Water Tank
ROC05168 Wooden Boxes (8)
Roco Wooden Boxes (8)
ROC05175 Sikorsky CH53 Helicopter
Roco - Sikorsky CH53 Helicopter
ROC05178 M939 GMC US Army
Roco - M939 GMC US Army
ROC05183 M929 / M930 Dump Truck
Roco - M929 / M930 Dump Truck
ROC05184 M936 Wrecker US Army
Roco - M936 Wrecker US Army
ROC05186 M923 / M925 w/ M105 A2
Roco - M923 / M925 with M105 A2
ROC05187 M332 Ammunition Trailer
Roco - M332 Ammunition Trailer
ROC05197 M923 / M925 A1 Truck
Roco - M923 / M925 A1 Truck
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